Working abroad

Working abroad

Work and work experience abroad

One of the best things about booking a gap year program with Real Gap Experience is that we do loads of the leg-work for you. We have paid work programs abroad in:

• UK

• Canada

• Teach English in China

Most travellers need to find work abroad at some point on their gap year or career break in order to boost their funds. Let's face it, without taking on some work abroad on your gap year you would have to save up an awful lot of spending money beforehand if you were to last an entire year without running out of money.

Although earning money is the main objective of working on your gap year, there are many other benefits of taking on some work abroad. For example by getting work abroad, you get to know the local people properly. Work abroad helps give you a far better insight in to the country you are visiting and greatly adds to the overall experience. The type of work abroad you can acquire is really diverse these days too - the wealth of different jobs available to travellers is a far cry from the traditional work abroad stereotype of bar work and fruit-picking. In fact, if you work abroad it can really help to boost your resume which comes in handy when you start applying for jobs back in the Australia.

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