Gap year Moldova

Looking for something different for your gap year? Here in the south east of Europe, between Romania and Ukraine is Moldova. There’s a complicated history of Bulgars and Turkish conquest, a rich tradition of wine-making and an atmosphere you’ll find nowhere else.

Adventure travel Moldova

Moldova is an adventure travel destination in itself – but if you want to take that further, you can try the last outpost of Communism, the self-declared republic of Transdniestr. Elsewhere there are monasteries to explore, particularly the clifftop eyrie of Orheiul Vechi, and beautiful open countryside.

Student travel Moldova

Moldova isn’t particularly cheap, but student travellers will find plenty to explore. For nightlife, travel to Chisinau,which is lively, redolent of the new capitalism-friendly Eastern Europe.

Volunteer work Moldova

If you want to immerse yourself in the life of Moldova, one of the best ways is volunteer work. You can contribute through projects in childcare centres and teaching.


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