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Australia Paid Ranch Work

Up to 12 months from $3,565

Work in the Outback and earn money!

Guaranteed paid work on an Aussie farm!

4-day Beach Escape in Noosa
5-day Ranch Training Course
Guaranteed Paid Ranch Job
Group size: Max 24

Trip Highlights

  • Enjoy a guaranteed paid work placement on an Aussie farm!
  • Grab a slice of paradise with 4 nights in idyllic Noosa.
  • Cement your skills with 5 days of hands-on ranch training
  • Get set up with everything you need to work down under, including a bank account and tax number
  • Enjoy 12 months of ongoing job support and advice
  • Secure a coveted second year Working Holiday Visa by working as a ranch hand!

Trip Summary

Head over to sunny Australia and get guaranteed paid work on a farm or ranch. Enjoy 4 nights at the beautiful beach resort of Noosa, before getting stuck in with a fantastic 5-day hands-on farm training course. You’ll learn all of the skills necessary to tackle your ranch or farm job with confidence, including operating machinery, riding agricultural motorbikes & more! You’ll then be fully qualified to take on your guaranteed job. You’ll also be set up with everything you need to work in Australia, including a tax-file number and bank account, and you’ll enjoy 12-months of dedicated job support. Plus, ranch work is a step towards securing a second Working Holiday Visa – meaning that you could live and work in Oz for up to two years!


Want to find out more?

Download more trip information and detailed itinerary

Your Australia Paid Ranch Work programme is split into 3 sections:

  1. 4 day Beach Break in Noosa
  2. 5 day Hands-on Ranch Training Course
  3. Up to 12 months of Paid Ranch Work in Australia

Beach Break in Noosa

Your first 4 days are dedicated to settling into life in Australia, getting over your jet lag, relaxing on the beach and generally having a great time. You’ll be staying in the beautiful coastal town of Noosa, home to perfect golden beaches and lush green forests.

Your first four days might look something like this:

Day 1. Arrive into Brisbane airport, where you will be met and transferred to your accommodation in Noosa on the east coast of Australia. Spend the rest of the day relaxing, freshening up after your flight and exploring this gorgeous coastal region.

Day 2. A full free day to relax and explore. Why not visit the Noosa National Park, meet the resident koalas or simply sit on the beach and soak up the sun?

Day 3: Another blissful day in Noosa. Thrill seekers can try their hand at surfing or skydiving, while serenity seekers can detox at one of Noosa’s yoga studios or health retreats.

Day 4: Your final day of beach escapism. Swim, surf, sunbathe, repeat. Tomorrow, the hard work begins!

Please note: Your airport transfer and accommodation in Noosa are included. Activities in Noosa are at extra cost.

Ranch & Farm Training

Having recharged your batteries in Noosa, you’ll be transferred to the training ranch to gain the practical skills you’ll need to work on an Australian farm/ranch. You’ll also set up all the things you need to live and work in Australia, such as a tax file number, bank account and Medicare.

As a trainee farm hand, you’ll get to grips with the basics of farm and outback safety, and there will be several trainers on hand at your ranch to ensure you get all the attention you need to maximise your learning experience and become a rural expert!

Training Activities Include:

  • Learning basic horsemanship to become a confident horse rider
  • Droving cattle on horseback
  • Riding agricultural motorbikes
  • Learning to drive tractors and navigating
  • Cattle and sheep care – you’ll be entrusted with injecting, driving, and mustering.
  • Gaining the skills necessary to maintain and operate agricultural machinery

Guaranteed Job

Following your ranch training, you’ll be in the perfect position to jump feet first into a rewarding and varied position on a farm or ranch. We’ll be on hand to find you a fantastic role that utilises your skills, and with 12 months of job support, your guaranteed placement is only the beginning of your outback journey!

Ranch & farm jobs available in Australia are many and varied, and we’ll aim to cater to your individual set of skills and interests to find the job that fits you best.

Ranch jobs may include:

  • Work with Horses 
  • Farming and Tractor Work
  • Driving 
  • Cattle and Sheep Stations 
  • Outback Tutoring
  • Pub and Bartending 
  • Childcare or teaching in the outback

For more information on job roles, please download the trip notes.

What you Can Expect to Earn

The minimum wage is AUD500 per week, and as meals and accommodation are often included in ranch and farm placements, you’ll be left with extra income to explore Australia once you leave work.

In most positions, you’ll begin on a basic wage, but this is largely dependent on skills and experience, so you could see your wages grow alongside your skills!

2nd and 3rd Year Working Holiday Visas

If you wish to stay and work in Australia for a further year after your initial visa expires then you just need to do 88 days of specified regional work during your first year. The jobs provided with this programme would qualify applicants for a second year visa, which can then be extended to a 3rd year visa under certain conditions. Speak to a travel advisor for more details.

Please note activities and itineraries are subject to change.


  • 5 days of active and informative ranch training
  • A guaranteed job offer once your ranch training is complete
  • A recuperative 4 night stay in Noosa
  • 12 months of dedicated job support
  • 9 nights’ accommodation, including 4 nights in Noosa, 4 nights on the training farm and 1 night in Brisbane
  • Accommodation is usually included as part of your job placement
  • A transfer to Noosa from Brisbane airport
  • A transfer from Noosa to your training ranch
  • 3 hearty meals on each day of your ranch training
  • Complimentary internet access at the training ranch
  • 24 hour emergency support

  • Flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Visas (unless you have booked the ‘visa included’ trip option)
  • Meals in Noosa
  • Optional extra activities or excursions in Noosa
  • Transfer back to the airport
  • Transfer between jobs


Your time in Noosa will be spent enjoying relaxed days at a comfortable hostel, sharing a dorm room only minutes away from the beach. Noosa is often dubbed ‘Australia’s favourite backpacker location’, so you’re sure to meet some fantastic travellers and get to know your fellow ranch participants very well!

During your initial 4 night stay in Noosa, meals will not be included, but the area offers a range of cuisines sure to make a memorable culinary experience. Enjoy some of the many waterfront eateries and bars - there are lots of great places to choose from to suit a variety of budgets. You’ll also be able to grab affordable and tasty meals at your hostel.

Once at the Training Ranch, you’ll enjoy a communal family vibe, sharing a room with between two and six others. Three delicious home cooked meals will be provided for you daily at the ranch providing a great opportunity for you to relax with good food and good friends.

Following your training, you will spend one night in Brisbane before heading to your job. You’ll be placed in a guaranteed paid position, usually at an outback family home. Most of these placements include accommodation and meals, allowing you to save your wages or spend them on further outback adventure. Win win!


You’ll need to ensure that you arrive at Brisbane International Airport (BNE) on a Thursday, and you should aim to arrive between 6:00am and 10:00am. Once at the airport, you’ll be met by one of our lovely representatives who will remain at the airport until 11am and they will direct you on the transfer bus to your hostel in scenic Noosa, located on the stunning Queensland coast. It should take approximately 2 hours to transfer to Noosa from Brisbane Airport, plenty of time for you to relax and enjoy the scenery.

We understand that a Thursday arrival may not be possible for you, and in this event you should plan to get to Brisbane a day or so earlier and arrange extra accommodation. Transport to and from the airport is affordable and easy to arrange, we can also recommend a great hostel for you to stay. 

If you arrive outside of the hours of 6am to 10am on your start date or into the Domestic Terminal, we will be able to give you the details of a local company who you can arrange a transfer to Noosa with. Please note that if you arrive into the Domestic Terminal within the designated pick up time, it possible to get a transfer to the International Terminal for around AUD $5, where you will then be able to meet the greeter service for an included transfer to Noosa. 



To participate in this trip, you must be aged 18-30 to ensure that you fit the Working Holiday Visa age restrictions. Those intending to book this trip can book this experience with the Working Holiday Visa included, or apply for it independently via Australian Immigration.

Candidates must meet the following requirements to be eligible for the programme:

  • Be in possession of a valid passport issued by an eligible country
  • Have a valid manual driving licence
  • Be aged 18-30 (inclusive) at the time of applying
  • Be fully vaccinated against covid 19 at least 14 days prior to the start of the programme

Please ask a member of our travel advice team for additional information on the Second Working Holiday Visa scheme. Working on a ranch is one of the few ways to qualify for this visa, so participating in this trip may give you the opportunity to extend your stay in Australia!

Due to the manual and remote nature of this programme candidates will need to be physically and mentally fit. Candidates who have previously suffered from certain medical conditions including depression, anxiety, ADHD etc will be ineligible for this programme. The ideal candidate will have experience working on a farm or in an outdoor environment and will be able to demonstrate they are responsible, mature, and independent in order to successfully fulfil a professional farm employment placement.

Applicants need to have a manual driving licence in order to join this programme. Once you have put down your deposit, you will be sent an application form which asks details of your motivations for joining the programme and any experience you may have.

How Far In Advance Should I Book This Programme?

This programme is particularly popular from September – November and January – February, so do try to book as early as possible!

How Long Are Most Jobs And How Long Are Most Employers Expecting Me To Work For?

Providing there is enough demand, you are able to work for one employer for a maximum of 6 months. The majority of employers are looking for employees to work for one 3-month season, but some roles may run for less than 3 months.

Is It Possible To Find Work With A Friend?

Friends with a similar skill set and level of ability may be accepted by the same employer on the same ranch or farm. If travelling with a friend whose expertise differ from yours, you may both be expected to accept positions that suit the least skilled participant in order to be placed together.

Can You Guarantee Me A Horse Riding Job?

We cannot guarantee a riding position, but participants who have relevant experience horse riding and working with horses will be in a fantastic position to gain a horse riding job. This type of work is often dependent on the unpredictable Australian weather, and will involve other essential ranch duties such as ground and cattle work.

What Will I Get Paid?

You can expect to earn roughly AUD300-350 during an average 5-6 day working week, and your offers are likely to be somewhere in this region. Once tax and accommodation contributions have been taken into consideration, those aged 20+ can expect to keep approximately AUD296 per week, 19+ approximately AUD255 and 18+ approximately AUD214.

Do I Have To Stay For A Whole Year?

This is a flexible programme and it is completely up to you to determine the ideal length of time you’ll be in Australia. We advise that you should be prepared to commit to a minimum of three months’ employment, as this is often the minimum term for many ranch jobs and staying for a shorter length of time may limit job opportunities.

What Visa Do I Need?

Working Holiday Visas can be obtained by individuals aged between 18 and 30, and you will need one in order to participate in this trip. You have the option to book the programme with the visa included, or refer to Australian Immigration in order to apply for one independently.

How Long Does It Take For My Working Holiday Visa To Be Granted?

It should only take a few days to process your visa, as long as you have no previous criminal convictions and hold a valid passport. To avoid disappointment, only apply for your visa and arrange flights once your place on the ranch jobs programme has been confirmed with an acceptance letter.

Can I Obtain A Second Year Working Holiday Visa With Jobs Offered Through Your Programme?

The good news is that 99% of the job placements we offer are in the right area code to qualify for a second holiday visa. Only outdoor ranch work allows you the opportunity to attain this visa, so participants who choose to work in hospitality or childcare will not be eligible to apply for it.

Where Are The Ranch Jobs Located?

Due to the wide variety of positions on offer, you could be placed anywhere in Australia, and should be prepared to travel to work in particularly rural locations. As we are based on the East Coast there are many jobs available in Queensland and New South Wales, and we have a wide network of job contacts in this area. Please note that you are solely responsible for the financial cost of travelling to your job placement.

How Soon Will I Start Paid Work Following The Training?

Most jobs will begin on the Monday following your training period, allowing you to use the weekend to travel to your placement.

Why Do I Need A Manual Driving Licence?

A manual driving licence is essential to this programme as employers often expect their workers to drive between locations, run errands in the local area, or drive to the nearest town. Most of the jobs on offer in Australia are on sites that can only be reached by car, and the daily duties of a farm worker often require a manual driving licence.

How Much Baggage Should I Bring?

You must not carry over 20kg of weight in one bag. If you would like to carry over 20kg you must be prepared to distribute the weight across more than one bag. As extra bags will incur a fee, we would advise you to travel as lightly as you possibly can in order to keep additional costs to a minimum when travelling on domestic flights.


Due to Covid-19, many of our partners and suppliers across the globe are putting in place new procedures and policies regarding health and safety in response to the outbreak. These new measures will adapt and change as the state of travel evolves, and the policies and procedures will vary depending on each trip. Some changes that you may experience on our trips are:

Updated safety & hygiene procedures
Health and safety measures will be adapted by our partners and suppliers, dependent on local laws and restrictions.

Different transport & accommodation
You may find yourself on transport or in accommodation that would not typically be used, such as hostels that are more secluded, or on more private transport. This may vary by trip, or even by individual departure dates.

Arrival meetings
Most trips include a meeting on arrival with the guide or local team to discuss the trip, and this is an opportunity for you to ask any questions. You should arrive in time to attend these briefings.

Emergency support 24/7
We have a UK based 24/7 emergency phone line if you have a genuine urgent matter that you need attending.

Knowledgeable & Trained Staff
We can help answer any questions or concerns you may have before you depart. Whilst travelling the guide or local team on our trips are there to help, and to ensure the smooth running of our trips.

Medical care
Should you require medical assistance whilst travelling, the local team or guide will be able to help you get to a point of care. Medical facilities and standards can vary across the glove, so you should ensure you have adequate travel insurance in place.

Varying group sizes
To begin with, many trips will run with amended group sizes, so you may find smaller groups than would be typical. This may vary by trip, or even by individual departure dates.

Whilst there may be changes on our trips, it is vital that you make travelling safer for yourself, your travel companions, the local staff and guides, and the people of the country you are visiting. You should follow all local laws and restrictions, and follow the guidance of the local team. In addition, you can help make travel safer by bringing and using your own face coverings/masks and hand sanitiser, social distance where appropriate, wash your hands frequently, and cover your face when coughing or sneezing.


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