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Why your next trip should be to Costa Rica!

You know that feeling of ultimate life affirmation, with the sun beating down on your skin, soft warm sand beneath your toes, and a world so colourful and serene that nothing else in the universe compares to this unique and exquisite moment in time? If your answer is no, then you probably haven’t been to Costa Rica before.

The most biologically intense place on Earth, according to National Geographic, Costa Rica is home to some of the most spectacular vistas and incredible species in the...

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13 things you may not know about marine turtles

Here at Real Gap Experience, we’re all so interested in learning more about wildlife. To mark ‘World Turtle Day’ we thought we’d share with you our favourite thirteen facts about turtles – check out fact 2!

1• Sea turtles have roamed the planet for around 100 million years surviving the Ice Age

2• Turtles migrate 100s of miles (if not thousands) from their feeding ground to nest – with modest vision, strong currents and no visible landmarks. These turtles manage to swim from areas like...

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Our 'diving in Belize' project wins big at the World Responsible Tourism Awards!

Here at Real Gap, we're all obsessed with our Diving and Marine Conservation project in Belize, Central America. Now, after ten years of being in operation, the team have won an incredible award at the World Responsible Tourism awards... and we couldn't be more proud!

If you're interested in either A) learning to dive in a pretty spectacular environment or B) marine conservation then it's pretty simple- our Diving and Marine conservation project in Belize is perfect for you. Earlier this...

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Top Ten Tips: Scuba Diving

Scuba pro Polly, the founder of our 'Dive and Marine' Conservation project in Belize, has dived over 5000 times (told you she was a pro!). We love scuba diving here at RG (but admittedly, it can be a little bit difficult at first!) so Polly's kindly given us a few tips on how we can perfect our diving skills. Cheers Polly!

1.“Treat your air like you would a good drink, sip it slowly!”

Remember to breathe!  Breathe like you do when you are sleeping-  long, slow breathes.  Breathe in slowly and...

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Tom's Costa Rican Adventure

Hi guys! last month I made my way over to Costa Rica to check out our awesome projects- and guess what? I loved it!

So what’s so great about Costa Rica?  Well, let me bend your ear a minute and let me tell you about one of the most amazing countries I have ever visited (and I’ve been to a few – not to blow my own trumpet or anything!). 

I don’t have enough time to tell you everything I love about this tiny but bursting-at-the-seems country but I’ll try and highlight a few reasons.   It could...

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