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Eight Brand New Trips!

As always, we’ve been busy adding a host of new and exciting trips to our website, just in case over 150 trips in 50+ countries wasn't enough to satisfy your wanderlust. From Aussie work packages to volunteer programmes in Asia, and even a few unforgettable trekking experiences, we can’t get enough of these new travel adventures!

Here’s a quick introduction to some of the brand-new trips we've added over the past few months:


1. Melbourne Work & Fun

Sure, everyone knows Sydney is a hotspot for awesome jobs – but what about Melbourne? This incredible southern city is full of cool bars, hipster coffee shops and an intoxicating beach lifestyle. Where better to live, work and play? This excellent package includes a week of activities and 12 months of dedicated job support.


2. Lost City Trek in Colombia

Hidden deep in the Sierra Nevada Mountains is a truly spectacular ancient civilisation that was lost for centuries. Even now, only 10 percent of the site has been excavated – who knows what other treasures are hiding in the jungle? This trip includes a 5-day hike to the city itself and a tour led by an indigenous guide. Unleash your inner explorer!


3. Sri Lanka Women’s Education

While women in Sri Lanka generally enjoy a higher status in society compared to other South Asian countries, those who work are limited to low-level positions. This volunteer project seeks to equip women from low-income backgrounds with new skills and self-confidence by teaching them English to widen their job opportunities. You’ll teach for around 2-3 hours per day, and can use your time off to explore or relax on the beach!


4. Brazil Discovery

Brazil is an amazing country, full of party-loving cities, gorgeous natural landscapes and irresistible culture. Discover Brazil’s top highlights on our new Brazil Discovery, a 15-day tour that takes in Ilha Grande, Paraty, the mighty Iguassu Falls, lush Bonito, and the tropical wetlands of Pantanal.  You’ll also enjoy a night in the festive streets of Rio de Janeiro.


5. Explore Costa Rica and Panama

2 weeks, 2 countries, and a bucket-load unforgettable experiences. You’ll discover the hustle and bustle of San José, live the pura vida lifestyle in Puerto Vieja de Talamanca, hike through the lush jungles of Boquete and see the iconic Panama Canal. What’s not to love!?


6. Annapurna Sanctuary Trek in Nepal

The Himalayas are truly out-of-this-world. This 10-day trekking experience sees you hiking through dense forests, tiny villages and across uncompromising snow-swept slopes. Your destination is the beautiful Annapurna Sanctuary, a spectacular glacial basin some 4000m above sea level. This experience includes accommodation and the services of a guide and porters, who’ll help you conquer this terrific mountain range.


7. Ultimate Southeast Asia

2 months in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia? Don’t mind if I do! This brand-new package brings together our most popular tours in Southeast Asia and fits them into one unforgettable trip. You’ll discover bustling Asian cities, relax on paradise islands, trek through stunning landscapes and explore iconic temples. Explore, make friends, and have fun!


8. Bali Beaches & Komodo Islands

This is our ultimate Indonesian adventure. You’ll begin in Bali, taking in all the top sights that make it one of the most exciting backpacker destinations in the world. Then, you’ll head off the beaten track, taking in seldom-explored islands and beaches. Often, you’ll be the only travellers on the islands – a rare thing indeed in this day and age! Do it now before word spreads.


So there you have it, our brand-new travel programmes. If any (or all!) of these are tickling your fancy, why not get in touch to find out more? Give us a call on 01892 277040 or head over to our website and use our online chat feature to speak to a travel advisor. Your next adventure is just around the corner!

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