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Insta Perfect Photo Destinations (and how to get that killer shot)

Travel is all about seeing the world, finding yourself, discovering new ideas…and…well…getting incredible photos to make your friends jealous on Instagram!

Here’s our guide to some of the greatest Insta-opportunities in the world, and how to snap that perfect shot.


Costa Rica: Arenal Volcano

The mighty Arenal Volcano dominates much of the Costa Rican landscape. For a long time, Arenal was Costa Rica’s most active volcano, and it was not uncommon to see scorching red lava flows or belching plumes of smoke. Since 2010, the volcano has entered a dormant phase, so lava flows and mini-eruptions have ceased. But this could change at any time…cameras at the ready!


Top Tip: For mountains and volcanos, positioning is everything. The shape of a volcano looks great dead centre of the picture, so frame your shot with this in mind.

Want the photo? Visit the Arenal region on our Costa Rica Discovery.


The Philippines: Kawasan Falls

A spectacular turquoise pool, cascading white water and a lush green jungle – what’s not to love? You’ll definitely want your phone/camera for this one. Just make sure you put it somewhere safe before splashing about in the water!


Top Tip: This gorgeous location is perfect for an action shot. Leap, dive, backflip…bring your Instagram to life with some movement. You could even make it into a Boomerang to pack an extra visual punch!

Want the photo? Spend 12 days in the Philippines on our Philippines Island Hop.


Bali: THAT swing

Right. We’re going to rush through this one because it’s too painfully beautiful to look at for long. On the perfect unspoilt island of Gili Trawangan is a picture-perfect swing in the shallows of the sea. Stunning by day, exquisite at sunset – grab a picture and let the Instagram-jealousy begin.


Top Tip: There’s not really a way that you can take a bad photo of this, but sunset is particularly divine.

Want the photo? Enjoy the beauty of Bali on our Bali Beaches tour.


New Zealand: Mt Cook


New Zealand is so ridiculously beautiful that you only have to drop your camera and you’ll get a dozen incredible Instagram snaps. If you’re looking for somewhere that encapsulates all of New Zealand’s beauty in one handy square frame, then look no further than Mt Cook on the South Island.


Top Tip: Go in the spring to catch the perfect combination of blue skies and snow-covered slopes.

Want the photo? See Mt Cook with our New Zealand Travel Pass.


New York City: Times Square

New York is full of iconic sights: The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park. However, nothing quite captures the buzz and promise of the Big Apple like Times Square. A must for your travel-insta.


Top Tip: Go for a filter that brings out the vibrant colours of those advertising boards.

Want the photo? See Times Square on our I Love New York city break.


Lombok: Benang Stokel Waterfall

Nestled in the heart of the Lombok is the incredible Benang Stokel Waterfall. After a short hike, you’ll stumble across these falls, which are perfect for swimming and exploring. They also make for a fab photo, so pick your spot and grab a shot for your travel memories.


Top Tip: Show off the scale of the waterfalls by having someone stand beneath them.

Want the photo? Head off the beaten track on our Komodo Island Hopping experience.


Slovenia: Lake Bled


Europe is full of gorgeous Instagram gold. If you’re looking for an atmospheric shot of fairytale landscapes, then Lake Bled should be top of your list. Climb to the top of Ojstrica hill for a majestic view over the lake and the island.


Top Tip: Go in winter for that chilly European vibe.

Want the photo? Catch Lake Bled on our Grand European tour.


Thailand: Phi Phi Viewpoint


Thailand is full of beautiful islands, but Phi Phi is in a league of its own. This is the island that provided the setting for The Beach starring Leonardo Di Caprio, and it truly lives up to its Hollywood reputation. A climb up to the Koh Phi Phi viewpoint is a must, both for the soul and for the Instagram feed.


Top Tip: No selfies! To truly appreciate the gorgeous backdrop, you’ll need a bit more distance from the lens. Ask someone else to take the picture.

Want the photo? Spend time on the Thai Islands on our super-popular Thai Experience.


Hong Kong

Hong Kong is all about that iconic city skyline. Grab some shots in the bustling streets or get out of the city for a panoramic view. A Hong Kong city snap is the perfect addition to any Instagram feed.


Top Tip: Take the tram up to Victoria Peak for a spectacular view over the city and go in the evening for a completely different view!

Want the photo? See Hong Kong on our action-packed China Experience.


Cambodia: Angkor Wat Temple Complex

The king of all travel pics is surely the mighty Angkor Wat temple. Best caught at sunrise or sunset, you’d be hard pushed to find a more like-inducing #travelgoals winner. However, with the crowds and the dwindling light, your snaps might not come out as you’d hoped. Why not try some of the other beautiful temples and lakes in the Angkor Wat temple complex? The lake at Srah Sang is the perfect spot for sunset.


Top Tip: A 1-day ticket to Angkor Wat is valid from 5pm the day before. Catch both sunset and sunrise for your Instagram!

Want the photo? Explore Angkor Wat on our Ultimate Cambodia tour.

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