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Top 10 Must-Sees in New Zealand

New Zealand frequently tops polls as one of the most popular travel destinations worldwide. Is it the scenery? A hike on the coast track through Abel Tasman National Park might make you think so. Is it the food? Dine in Wellington and you’d be tempted to say yes. Is it the outdoor activity? Well, this is the home of extreme sports (the world's first commercial bungee jump opened here in 1988)… Whatever it is, this amazing country will certainly give you a trip to remember!


Backpacker Iona has been exploring New Zealand in all it's glory over the past four weeks on our Kiwi Experience Bus Pass. She's written in with her list of ten must-sees for anyone who visits this beautiful country:


My Ten NZ Must-Sees (in no particular order!)


1) The sea split into two separate colours - dark blue to bright turquoise - staring down from North Point in Devonport, across from Auckland Harbour.  


2) The actual Milky Way (and a blanket of stars) on a clear night spent lying in geothermal pools at blissful Hot Water Beach


3) A taste of traditional Māori culture, and a terrifying performance of the Haka, at the Tamaki Dinner and Cultural Show, Rotorua.


4) Hot water geysers spurting hundreds of feet high, from inside the geothermal park at Te Puia cultural center, Rotorua.  


5) A lake the size of Singapore! The largest lake in the Southern Hemisphere - Lake Taupo


6) The view of the breathtaking Franz Josef glacier - from the air, or on frozen ground!


7) The sight - and sound - of total silence in stunning River Valley - nothing but trees, turquoise rivers, and not a wifi spot to be found! 


8) 'Eighth Wonder of the World' - Milford Sound, by boat. Five hours outside of Queenstown by road, with a drive down every bit as beautiful as the Sound itself!


9) The famous 'Wanaka Tree' at sunset, perfectly reflected in the mirror-like surface of Lake Wanaka.  


10) Take a trip into Peter Jackson and JRR Tolkien's, imaginations - whether you're a Lord of the Rings fan or not, the 'Hobbiton' movie set is iconic for a reason! 


If the above has given you some serious wanderlust (how can it not?!) then check out our amazing New Zealand programmes - from paid work to bus passes and fun packed adventure tours - we've got something for everyone! Or, if you have any questions about New Zealand (or any of our other amazing trips) then give us a call on 01892 277040 or jump on our livechat! 

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