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Canada Paid Work

Up to 24 months from $891

Earn money whilst travelling

Experience working abroad
Toronto or Vancouver
Meet other working travellers
Group size: Varies

Trip Highlights

  • 12 months job support
  • Get plenty of help and support from our in-country teams
  • Go to social events hosted by your support team and meet other travellers 
  • Learn new skills 
  • Fund your travels around Canada and America 
  • Live in another country and experience life as a working traveller

Trip Summary

Take on paid work while you’re over there and you’ll have the ready cash to fund your travels and experience life Canada-style. Starting in either Vancouver or Toronto, you’ll get to stay in a fantastic city whilst learning all about Canadian life and getting to grips with how to find work. You’ll be guided by our team of local experts, who will show you the basics and get you set up with all the practical stuff, as well as talk through work options and sign you up to our huge jobs database, introduce you to other working travellers, and make sure you get involved in some brilliant social events throughout your Canadian adventure.

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Download more trip information and detailed itinerary

Getting Started:

Before you even jet off, you’ll have chosen to be based in Vancouver or Toronto for your first few days, and will receive support from the team at that city’s base throughout the duration of your time in Canada. Touching down in Canada, you’ll have time to get to grips with your surroundings as you spend your first couple of nights right in the city centre, with other working travellers to get to know and your helpful team always around for guidance and advice.

You’ll start with some of the basics, first with a comprehensive orientation, so you can navigate your way easily around the city, and have a better idea of what to expect whilst living and working in Canada. Our team will help you get signed up to the jobs database, make sure you're hooked up with a Canadian phone SIM, help you sort out accommodation following your first two nights at the hostel, go through your CV with you, and help you prepare for interviews, as well as introduce you to new friends, show you around the city, and get you involved with some fun optional activities.

Work & Travel:

Depending on the industry you’d like to work in, you could end up staying in the city, or you might want to move around the country, exploring the variety of beautiful places and different jobs on offer – whether you're looking for a stint at a snow resort for ski season, fancy yourself a park ranger or tour guide, want to add to your agricultural experience, or perhaps you’re a technical genius hoping for an engineering placement – anything’s possible.

And because this programme’s completely unique to you, you’ll have the freedom to work, live, and travel to any location you like. So, if you’re out to experience living in a different country – great. Maybe you want to improve your job prospects or discover a new career path whilst having a bit of fun – there’s no better way to do it. Or perhaps you’re just looking for a really awesome holiday, but need to work every now and then to fund your travels – perfect. Do all of the above and so much more, with the help and support of a fantastic, supportive team.

Types of Work:

The sorts of jobs available in Canada will vary hugely depending on which part of the country you’re searching in, but to give you an idea of the most common jobs available, here are a few that top the list:


Just before peak ski season, you’ll find plenty of resorts calling out for concierges, chefs, waiting staff, reception staff, and instructors – so if you’re after a hospitality role on the slopes, you could be in luck. And of course there are plenty of jobs available at hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, and cafes year round, throughout the country.


For those with a Bachelors degree and teaching experience, there are a number of opportunities, not so much as a resident teacher at a school, but as a TEFL tutor – particularly in Vancouver and Toronto. Childcare is another industry with plenty of opportunities for those with experience. You will need to have a current enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check for any form of teaching or childcare work.


Office and admin work is available across the country, particularly in cities and larger towns. The beauty of this sort of work is that often it’ll come in the form of a temporary contract, which means you’ll be freer to move around. There is work available with media and creative companies, but they are typically more difficult to get into as a working traveller.


Canada has a huge mass of retail outlets, and this sort of work is easy to come by in the most populous cities, but are equally available in small towns and villages if you know where to look (luckily our team always know where to look!), and are great if you’re after more casual contracts.  

It's not all work:

You won't just be working, the main reason you're in Canada is to travel and actually do some fun stuff, too! You'll find that Canada is jam-packed full of exciting things to see and do, whether you're looking for a variety of extreme sports to try out, want to brush up on your kayaking skills, or fancy taking to the slopes for the first time. In fact, your team (as well as helping you sort out all the practical stuff) will organise a whole heap of social events throughout the year for you to attend, which is a great way to connect with other working travellers and have a bit of fun. The sorts of events they organise include:

  • Pub nights
  • Curling tournaments
  • Canoeing trips
  • Hockey games
  • Cultural excursions and trips

Other destinations...

If you are unsuccessful in obtaining the Canada working holiday visa then we have some other great work destinations around the globe. Check out of other Paid Work programmes

Please note that all activities, inclusions and itineraries are subject to change.


  • Information pack before you go
  • Exclusive members lounge website access prior to departure (for information on living, working and travelling in Canada)
  • Pre departure contact information for in-country team - so you can get in touch and ask any questions before you head out to Canada
  • Two nights' accommodation on arrival
  • Detailed in-country orientation
  • Arrival starter pack
  • CV assessment and interview prep
  • Support finding safe and affordable accommodation
  • Jobs database access for two years
  • Team support and guidance for up to two years
  • Drop-in centres (with staff recommendations, accommodation listings, and event information) in Vancouver and Toronto
  • Luggage storage 
  • Assistance in setting up a bank account in Canada
  • Help setting up your mobile phone
  • Mail holding and forwarding service
  • Networking events
  • City walking tours
  • Social events arranged throughout the year
  • Exclusive discounts for products and services in Canada
  • 24/7 emergency support

  • IEC/Working Holiday Visa
  • Insurance
  • Flights and transport
  • Accommodation after first two nights
  • Food and drinks

You'll be provided with hostel accommodation for your first two nights in Canada, whether you choose to be based in Toronto or Vancouver. The hostels are in great city locations, close to shops, restaurants, and bars, and provide a great base for getting to know the city centres and a feel for the sort of work available locally. You'll share a dorm-style room with up to five other travellers of the same sex. You'll have access to all common areas including the kitchen and lounge. Both hostels have Wifi and laundry facilities. After your initial two days in the city, our team will help you arrange safe and affordable accommodation elsewhere – either at another hostel or at a house share, or similar.

Food and drinks aren't included on this programme, which is a great excuse to get out there and try the local cuisine. Luckily, Canadian food is delicious, and you'll have plenty of it to choose from. There will be lots of recognisable dishes from around the world as well, but there's nothing as good as stacked butter pancakes and Canadian maple syrup to set you up for the day!


You can choose to be based in Toronto or Vancouver on this programme, and will need to arrange your flight to arrive at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) or Vancouver International Airport (YVR) on your programme start date.



The minimum age for this trip is 18 years, the maximum age is 30 years for British passport holders and 35 years for Irish passport holders.

You'll need to apply for a Working Holiday Visa, also known as an IEC (International Experience Canada), to take part in this programme. British citizens can apply for an IEC between the ages of 18-30 years old, Irish citizens can apply for an IEC between the ages of 18-35 years old. Regulations can vary for applicants of other nationalities, contact us for further information if you're unsure.

Applying for an ICE/Canadian Working Holiday Visa can be a lengthy process, although it's much simpler now than it used to be! There are three stages:

  1. You'll need to complete an online form and create an IEC profile to become a candidate. Once the Canadian immigration office receives your submission, they'll decide if you're eligible and, if you are, you'll be placed in one of three pools: Working Holiday, Young Professionals, or International Co-op Internship.
  2. Throughout the year candidates are selected from each pool at random according to that year's schedule. You might be selected within a couple of months, or you might wait for up to one year, or you might not be selected at all, so you'll need to be patient. If you are selected you'll be sent an Invitation to Apply.
  3. Once you receive an Invitation to Apply, you'll have ten days to accept the invitation and 20 days to apply online for a work permit and submit any supporting documentation.

Once you've paid your £49 deposit for this programme, we'll send you an information pack that'll guide you through the process of applying for an IEC/Working Holiday Visa. This won't guarantee you a visa or go towards the cost of a visa application, it is simply an information pack designed to help you though the process. Please note, trip deposits are non-refundable.  

How Much Money Should I Bring With Me?

You’ll need to have 2,500CAD in your bank account to enter Canada on a work visa in the first place, which is a good amount to start off with. Be prepared to provide proof of this with a bank statement. Just bear in mind that you might not find work immediately; in fact, you might not want to take on work immediately, and have fun doing a bit of travelling first, so you’ll need a good amount of money to keep you ticking over. Do some research into the cost of rental accommodation and hostels, before you go – this will be your biggest cost. Then suss out where you want to travel and how you’re going to get around – if you’re thinking of renting a car but are going to be in Canada for one to two years, it would probably make better financial sense to buy a second-hand car instead.

What Do I Do About Accommodation After The First Two Nights?

Our helpful team will help you find accommodation following your first couple of nights at the hostel. They can either pair you up with other working travellers and find you an apartment in your choice of cities, put you in touch with a house share, or make recommendations for close by hostels and other budget accommodation in the area.

What Happens If I Book Onto This Programme But My Visa Application Is Turned Down?

We recommend you book onto this trip with your deposit of just £49 and pay the remaining cost once your visa has been granted, rather than before. Of course, if you do make payments towards the cost of the programme before receiving your visa and are then turned down, we’ll refund the money you’ve paid other than your deposit, which is non-refundable.


Due to Covid-19, many of our partners and suppliers across the globe are putting in place new procedures and policies regarding health and safety in response to the outbreak. These new measures will adapt and change as the state of travel evolves, and the policies and procedures will vary depending on each trip. Some changes that you may experience on our trips are:

Updated safety & hygiene procedures
Health and safety measures will be adapted by our partners and suppliers, dependent on local laws and restrictions.

Different transport & accommodation
You may find yourself on transport or in accommodation that would not typically be used, such as hostels that are more secluded, or on more private transport. This may vary by trip, or even by individual departure dates.

Arrival meetings
Most trips include a meeting on arrival with the guide or local team to discuss the trip, and this is an opportunity for you to ask any questions. You should arrive in time to attend these briefings.

Emergency support 24/7
We have a UK based 24/7 emergency phone line if you have a genuine urgent matter that you need attending.

Knowledgeable & Trained Staff
We can help answer any questions or concerns you may have before you depart. Whilst travelling the guide or local team on our trips are there to help, and to ensure the smooth running of our trips.

Medical care
Should you require medical assistance whilst travelling, the local team or guide will be able to help you get to a point of care. Medical facilities and standards can vary across the glove, so you should ensure you have adequate travel insurance in place.

Varying group sizes
To begin with, many trips will run with amended group sizes, so you may find smaller groups than would be typical. This may vary by trip, or even by individual departure dates.

Whilst there may be changes on our trips, it is vital that you make travelling safer for yourself, your travel companions, the local staff and guides, and the people of the country you are visiting. You should follow all local laws and restrictions, and follow the guidance of the local team. In addition, you can help make travel safer by bringing and using your own face coverings/masks and hand sanitiser, social distance where appropriate, wash your hands frequently, and cover your face when coughing or sneezing.

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