Getting the Most From Your Trip

So, you're looking for some trusty, backpacking advice, right? Well you've come to the right place! Whether you're looking at jumping on board one of our experience trips, backpacking it solo or doing a bit of both, we're here to help!

Gap year travel is all about seeing where you want, and experiencing the things you've always dreamt of doing. If gap year travel is something you want to do, there's no excuse not to do it! Colleges and universities acknowledge that travel broadens horizons (and it'll get you some brownie points for your UCAS form too!). With us your experience is mega easy to organise us, all of our Travel Advisors are geniuses when it comes to travel, so they can help you pick the countries and the experiences that'll be best for you.

It's impossible to say where the 'best' place to travel is, as everybody has different preferences. In the office alone we all have different priorities continent wise, let alone when it comes to our favourite trips within those! We always recommend that you guys check out the website, read through our info, search the web for loads of cool info, and to ask people that you know who have already travelled for their recommendations. If you want to ease yourself into the travel experience, then the Real Gap Experience Ultimate Aussie paid work could be a good option, or the USA Experience if you looking to tour around.

As already mentioned, you can work abroad to save up money for further travelling- and lucky for you guys there's loads of choice! The most popular working location is undoubtedly Australia, but we can also help you work abroad in Canada (apply early, there are a limited number of these visas each year!), New Zealand  and China. Apart from the added bonus of earning the extra cash for the rest of your journey, it's also a great thing to add to your CV and a fantastic chance to meet loads of new people!

One thing you could consider for your gap year travel is to do some voluntary work whilst you are away. Some people choose to make voluntary work the main focus of their adventure, while others might choose to spend just a couple of weeks getting stuck in with a project as a stopover and a way to experience a different culture. There are loads of voluntary work gap year travel projects to choose from all over the world- so you're in luck! There are loads of fields you can focus on too, either wildlife, conservation, community, childcare or teaching. It's great experience too, and something which will change your life forever!

Why take a gap year?

Taking a gap year is probably one of the best things you'll ever do (and we're not just saying that, promise!). A 'gap year' style adventure gives you the chance to really discover yourself, think about want to do with your life, and learn from people you'd probably never meet within your 'normal' life. Even if you don't get the chance to go for an actual year, in a couple of months you can still learn about a whole new culture.

Does a gap year have to be that long?

Despite the name, gap ‘years' can be as long or short as you wish them to be which is all part of the fun! If you're not comfortable going away for a whole twelve months, then your 'gap year' doesn't have to be for an actual year- you could just fly away for a month, or a couple of weeks! In a relatively short space of time you can still see and do loads, so it's definitely worth considering something shorter if you don't want to leave your job/university. 

Where can I go and what can I do on a gap year?

You can do everything that we offer on our website, and so much more! You could explore Thailand in four weeks with our Thailand Experience, visit Machu Picchu on our Peru Experience, climb Mt Kilimanjaro, or see the Big 5 in South Africa. That really is just us scratching the surface too, so we could literally go on forever!