Volunteering Information

Volunteer travel with Real Gap Experience is unlike any other kind of travel. You'll spend time with local people, work with locally run projects and stay in locally owned accommodation. You'll gain a unique insight into your chosen destination and make a positive contribution to the world we live in.

Although volunteering abroad is an incredibly worthwhile and fulfilling experience for the community and the volunteer, not all projects are as sustainable, reliable and safe as others.  The volunteer projects we work with are carefully sourced, and are run by our locally recruited in-country coordinators who research them to make sure that they are worthwhile and that the hard work of volunteers is going to make a difference in the long term.

These projects existed before our partnership and would continue without our support, albeit a little slower in achieving their goals. It’s important to us that the projects we work with grow organically because that way those who know best about what the local community requires set the development agenda. We believe it is vitally important to support worthwhile projects in a sustainable way that doesn’t have a destabilising effect on their development and the wider community.

Put your skills to good use

It's your gap year, so we'll tailor make your travel plans to suit you. When it comes to volunteering it's always a good idea to take part in a project which will use your strengths (ie- if you want to be a teacher, teach abroad!).

Like playing a bit of sport?

You don't have to have to be a Premier League footballer to inspire children to play a sport, or to set up a cool competition for them to take part in. If you enjoy sport, then it's a good idea to get stuck in with a sports based project whilst on your gap year too- as it won't feel like work at all!

Band member, regular karaoke participant or choir member?

Again, talent is not a priority (we like to think we can win the X Factor, but alas- we probably/definitely will not). If however you can hold a decent tune, think about songs you might be able to teach the children - it's a great way for the littlens to learn English.

Have you done any first aid certificates?

If you've done a first aid course or are interested in nursing, you could work in a hospital or clinic facility. A lot of our medical programmes don't require any qualifications, so you do have any- that's a massive bonus!

Dog walker or pet lover?

If you enjoyed looking after Hammy the Hamster or got paid for walking next door's dog, you might fancy taking care of more unusual wildlife. You could get stuck in on our Big 5 project in South Africa for example... (erm, yes please!)

Are you a linguist? ¿Hablas español?

Language skills and the ability to communicate non-verbally (that's pointing and signing, in case you were wondering!) will be very useful if you volunteer in a non-English speaking country. GCSE/A Level/High School Diploma standard languages will really help you on some of our projects. You might even find yourself playing interpreter for other volunteers. Don't let not speaking a language stop you though - loads of our projects will actually help you learn the language (if you want to, that is!).

More help

If you want a hand, don't hestitate in giving our travel advisors a call- they're travel geniuses!