Hannah Clarke Review

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What were the highlights of your trip?

The volunteering was the best thing i've ever done, the children are so happy and the teachers so thankful. The nursery we were meant to be at wasn't actually open, so I ended up doing the sports program, which was definitely more fun! I ended up staying an extra 2 weeks because I wanted to do more volunteering! The Kruger safari was incredible, I had never done anything like it before and loved every minute.

Is there anything else you would have liked to have added to your itinerary?

We tried to organise going to Botswana, but it was too expensive. If we had budgeted for this from the get go I think it would have been more manageable. More volunteering, make sure you don't go during swazi "half term" because the schools open and close when they want!

Tips for other travellers?

1. Swazi time is a real thing, go with the flow of the lifestyle as nothing is set in stone. If it's raining, cloudy, the buses don't run so the children can't go to school so you have a day off volunteering. Make use of these days and don't just sit around! Climb mount sheeba! Be open minded and don't expect everything to run as planned. 2. Be friendly with the locals, you'll probably be proposed to about 10 million times, and even if you say you're married, they'll say you need two husbands! 3. The amazing lodge is so close to a shopping mall, which I really didn't expect! You can buy everything you need out there!

Any other comments?

Really appreciate your surroundings!