Ellie Cahill Review

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Amazing trip, I would really recommend doing it! You make so many friends and the schools you go to are amazing, the children are so loving and just love having you around to jump all over! As soon as I arrived a group of children ran over to me asking for hugs! You plan lots of activities to do with the children and sometimes take them on day trips. I did this for 4 weeks and loved every second and would definitely go back I miss it so much! Very rewarding trip

Tips for other travellers?

1. Be open minded, it's a new country, with a new culture be prepared to adapt to the Thai way of life, from the basic living standards and squatter toilets to the noodles and rice 3 times a day! Make sure you go with an open mind and understand that how you're living is their normal life - yes it's different but embrace it and you will love it!! 2. Don't over pack, I took so many clothes I didn't need! Bring bug spray, be prepared to have the 24hr virus everyone gets! Pack wet wipes, sun cream, bug spray and hand sanitiser!! 3. Enjoy every second, don't take your time in thailand for granted it's a beautiful place and amazing people, you really feel at home with the culture after a few days of adapting Live the experience

Any other comments?

If you're looking at doing a trip like this I would 100% recommend this trip!!!! You won't regret it Have fun x