Nicola Fargher Review

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What were the highlights of your trip?

Meeting the locals, meeting the group also on the elephant project and the coordinators! The tour in Bangkok... saw some beautiful things that day! the temples are amazing. But mostly, spending time in the elephant village and getting to work hands on with the elephants, Taking them to the river was especially amazing. Even the hard work parts where a highlight for me, weeding the fields, cutting bamboo etc.

Is there anything else you would have liked to have added to your itinerary?

Not so much that I felt like anything was missing, the first week i was there we seemed to have a lot of down time, which wasn't so much of a bad thing for me as i enjoyed a break from working in the heat and I was fortunate enough to have been there with an amazing group so we just chilled & and had a laugh together. But we didn't feel like we where doing enough so we spoke to the coordinators about it and they worked us a little harder the second week! maybe a few more activities could be included for those who like to be constantly doing things, we did kayacking on tuesdays up the river which was good!

Tips for other travellers?

Take a Backpack not a suitcase it is alot easier, don't over pack clothes either you don't need them and they all get a bit ruined! just take essentials and you can buy clothes and anything else you might need while your there for cheap. Lots of bug spray! Don't be afraid to try the food everything i had was great especially the food cooked for us through the week while in the village!! go for as long as you can afford, 2 weeks is not long enough in my opinion, Get stuck in to the work even on those hot days! Don't be afraid to ask for anything, there is someone always about to help you with any problems.