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USA Coast to Coast

21 days Call to Book!

An epic America adventure, from LA to New York

Iconic American road trip!
See cities & National Parks
Fully guided group tour
Group size: Max 13

Trip Highlights

  • Ride in a super-stretch limo down the Las Vegas strip
  • Hike through Zion and Grand Canyon National Parks
  • Take the dusty trail through Monument Valley and the Navajo Reservation
  • Experience the music scene in New Orleans, Memphis, and Nashville
  • Try out white water rafting in beautiful Ocoee
  • See the sights in Washington DC, Philadelphia, and New York

Trip Summary

The American dream is stereotypically polished, glamorous, and buffed to perfection, but actually means something entirely different to anyone who resides in or visits the USA, which you'll see for yourself on this epic trip through ten of America's most enthralling states. You'll experience the glitz and bright lights of the west coast, the huge and magnificent cowboy country of the wild west, the laidback living and music-dominated south, and the fast-paced, cosmopolitan cities in the east. From camping under the stars, trying out white water rafting, brushing shoulders with the rich and famous, and visiting some seriously monumental sites, both in the natural world and inner-cities, this trip is an all-encompassing journey through the best, and most varied, areas the USA has to offer – and guaranteed wowing comes as standard.   

This trip does also run in reverse, from New York to Los Angeles. Please contact a travel advisor for more information.

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Download more trip information and detailed itinerary

Day 1-2: Los Angeles and Las Vegas

Start your American adventure in style as we kick off with an afternoon trip to Venice Beach before making our way to Vegas. Get a feel for the bright lights, glitz and glamour by cruising the strip in a super-stretch limo before heading out to try your luck on the tables.

Day 3-4: Zion National Park

We’ll make our way over to Zion National Park, where we'll get to explore the staggering red cliffs and hidden canyons and hike through the winding Narrows, up to the top of the Angels Landing Trail for incredible views across the park.

Day 5-6: Grand Canyon National Park

Travelling to one of the world's most famous natural wonders, we'll descend on Arizona's ancient Grand Canyon, stopping first at the National Park's Horseshoe Bend before heading to the main attraction. We'll take either a sunset or sunrise hike along the canyon's rim.

Day 7: Monument Valley

Heading north to one of the USA's most iconic views and backdrops to gazillions of western movies – Monument Valley, we'll walk beneath the towering buttes and mesas that dominate the desert-red landscape. Opt to go on a guided Jeep tour of the Navajo Reservation and back roads for a bit of culture immersion.

Day 8: Santa Fe

Get  a taste for the wonderful native art scene as we visit Canyon Road, try out some delicious Tex-Mex in the evening and enjoy a few beers at a local bar to sample the live music scene Santa Fe is so well-known for.  

Day 9: Amarillo

Travelling to Texas down Route 66, we'll stop off at Cadillac Ranch to check out some unique roadside artwork and try adding some of our own. We'll spend the night in Amarillo and feast like royalty at the Big Texan Steak Ranch, where we'll be picked up by limo.

Day 10-11: Austin, Texas

Moving on to Texas's music capital, we'll pitch up in Austin for a couple of days of laidback living. Try a trip to the state capital's Zilker Park to take a dip in the cool Barton Springs, go on a city bike tour, or visit the State Capitol Building. In the evening, rock out to some classic country tunes and grab a bite to eat at one of the brilliant food trucks to sample the local cuisine. 

Day 12: Louisiana

Leaving Texas on day 12, we'll make our way east to Louisiana, a multicultural state best known for its superb Cajun food and lively music scene – be prepared to be swept up in the vibrant atmosphere as we make our way to New Orleans, the home of jazz.

Day 13-14: New Orleans

On our way to New Orleans, we'll stop off for an optional alligator swamp tour through the mysterious bayous. In New Orleans itself, why not take a wander through the pretty French Quarter and visit enchanting Royal Street before getting your party on in Bourbon Street, or visit Preservation Hall? You could even take a local cookery class, or ride on the steamboats.

Day 15: Memphis

Tread the same steps of music legends and visit the famous Sun Studios, where Elvis, Johnny Cash, and B.B. King among hundreds of others made hit records, take a Graceland tour, or visit the National Civil Rights Museum. In the evening head to Beale Street for a night of live music on America's most iconic street. 

Day 16: Nashville

Hop from country music bar to country music bar, and discover the huge roll music has played in shaping this friendly community. Why not visit the Grand Ole Opry, or the Country Music Hall of Fame and get a history lesson in music? In the evening, enjoy a few drinks with your pals and opt to take part in a country line dancing session.

Day 17: Ocoee, Tennessee

Heading into Ocoee, we'll find ourselves surrounded by spectacular natural scenery and some fantastic white water rafting stretches. Home to the world's first ever Olympic white water rafting event, it's the best place to try a rafting trip for yourself or, if you're not so keen on trying out the rapids, there are always plenty of trails to hike along.

Day 18: Appalachian Mountains

We'll make our way through the mighty Appalachian Mountain range today as we travel through Virginia. Spending most of our day travelling, we'll try to stop for a hiking session if time allows, but otherwise, kick back and relax as we drive through some beautiful landscape.

Day 19-20: Washington DC

Spending the next couple of days getting to know the USA's capital, we'll kick things off with a cycle tour of the city to visit famous sights including the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, and the Smithsonian Museums. Spend the rest of your time here visiting more of the capital's monuments and points of interest, or catch a show at one of the theatres in the evening.

Day 21: Philadelphia and New York

Making our way to New York on the last day of our epic trip, we'll stop off to climb the famous Art Museum Steps in Philadelphia, Rocky-style, and pose with the man himself, or at least his statue! Catch Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell before grabbing a bite to eat and making tracks for the New York area, where our trip ends at approximately 5pm. It's worth booking a couple of extra nights at the end of your trip to go and explore the Big Apple properly, which we can help you arrange, just ask us about this when you book.

Please note activities and itineraries are subject to change. 

This trip does also run in reverse from New York to Los Angeles. Please contact a travel advisor for more information.


  • 20 nights' accommodation
  • Camping equipment (other than a sleeping bag)
  • Transport between all destinations on the itinerary
  • A knowledgeable, English-speaking tour guide
  • Free in-transport Wifi
  • Las Vegas Strip super-stretch limousine ride
  • Zion National Park visit
  • Navajo culture and Monument Valley trip
  • Sunset/sunrise trip to the Grand Canyon
  • Entrance fees to national parks and monuments
  • Swimming at Lake Powell
  • Guided bike tour of Washington DC
  • 24/7 emergency support

  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa
  • Airport transfers
  • Food (you will need to put in to a food kitty – 10USD per person per day payable locally)
  • Drinks
  • Sleeping bag
  • Optional activities


Other than a hotel stay in Las Vegas, hostel accommodation in Austin, and apartment in New Orleans, you'll be camping for the rest of the trip* – within some of America's most fantastic landscape. All camping equipment is provided other than a sleeping bag, which you'll need to provide yourself – either bring one from home, or buy one in the first couple of days in America.   

Meals aren’t included as part of this trip, but there will be a kitty for camping days – you'll need to put in to a 10USD per person per day food kitty at the beginning of your the trip (payable locally). On non-camping days you'll have the freedom and choice to eat wherever and whenever you like – America has heaps of cool and quirky restaurants, diners, and bars, and you’ll have a huge choice of world cuisine to choose from – don’t be surprised by the super-sized portions, Americans know how to eat! 



You’ll need to arrange your flights to arrive at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) the day before your programme start date. As your tour begins at 7:30am on the first day of the itinerary, you’ll need to book accommodation in LA for the night before – we can help you arrange this. Free airport transfer will be available to you if you book in with one of our associated hotels – contact us for more details.

Your tour finishes in the New York area at approximately 5pm on day 21 and we recommend you spend some extra nights in the area to explore New York before returning home – again we can help to arrange this. If you want to depart on day 21, please arrange flights departing from New York after 9pm.


Minimum age for this trip is 18 years and the maximum age is 38 years. Do bear in mind that the legal drinking age in the US is 21, so if you are younger than 21 at the time of travel, you will not be allowed entry into bars, casinos, or clubs.

British Nationals visiting the USA will be able to travel (for tourism purposes) under the US Visa Waiver Programme for up to 90 days. If you intend to stay for longer than this, plan to work, have ever been arrested or hold any criminal convictions, you will need to apply for a visa. American immigration procedures can be a little confusing, so for full and further details please contact the US Embassy.

How Much Money Do I Need To Bring On The Tour?

For camping tours you will need to budget for the food kitty. This is usually US$10 per person per day and is payable locally. This will cover all of your meals while camping but does not cover meals during hotel stops or when the group chooses to sample regional cuisine. Depending on the tour you choose, there may be en-route hotel nights paid locally and the cost will be shown on the itinerary. You should budget for each of these night stops. We recommend you take at least US$40/CAN$40 dollars per day to budget for your optional activities and snacks along the way on all our North American Treks. This does not include money for food kitty and en route hotel expenses. We suggest you bring US $150 with you in cash and the remainder of your spending money can be withdrawn at ATM’s along the way which are readily available throughout North America, major credit cards are widely accepted throughout the country. In some off the beaten track destinations ATM’s and cash machines may be limited. Credit card payment can’t be accepted for food kitty and enroute hotel payments.

How Many People Will Be In My Group?

This can vary from trip to trip, but the maximum number in one group is capped at 13 people.

What's The Average Age Of People In The Group?

It can vary from group to group, but typically travellers on this trip will be aged between 18-38.

What Do I Do About Tipping?

As you may be aware, it is customary in North America to tip waiting staff, bar staff, porters, taxi drivers, and guides (plus a whole host of other service staff). As a general rule 15%-20% of your bill in a restaurant or the cost of a taxi ride should be added as a tip. When you don’t have a bill for a service – say a hotel porter taking your bags to your room, or your tour guide making that included tour a brilliant experience for you, it’s difficult to work out how much you should be tipping, so give a porter $2-$5 and $5 upwards (per day) to your tour guide – you may want to give more if you’ve had exceptionally good service.

Do I Need To Bring A Sleeping Bag With Me?

Yes! You’ll be camping for 14 nights of this trip, and a sleeping bag is an essential item that you can either pack and bring with you from the UK, or purchase when you’re in America.


Due to Covid-19, many of our partners and suppliers across the globe are putting in place new procedures and policies regarding health and safety in response to the outbreak. These new measures will adapt and change as the state of travel evolves, and the policies and procedures will vary depending on each trip. Some changes that you may experience on our trips are:

Updated safety & hygiene procedures
Health and safety measures will be adapted by our partners and suppliers, dependent on local laws and restrictions.

Different transport & accommodation
You may find yourself on transport or in accommodation that would not typically be used, such as hostels that are more secluded, or on more private transport. This may vary by trip, or even by individual departure dates.

Arrival meetings
Most trips include a meeting on arrival with the guide or local team to discuss the trip, and this is an opportunity for you to ask any questions. You should arrive in time to attend these briefings.

Emergency support 24/7
We have a UK based 24/7 emergency phone line if you have a genuine urgent matter that you need attending.

Knowledgeable & Trained Staff
We can help answer any questions or concerns you may have before you depart. Whilst travelling the guide or local team on our trips are there to help, and to ensure the smooth running of our trips.

Medical care
Should you require medical assistance whilst travelling, the local team or guide will be able to help you get to a point of care. Medical facilities and standards can vary across the glove, so you should ensure you have adequate travel insurance in place.

Varying group sizes
To begin with, many trips will run with amended group sizes, so you may find smaller groups than would be typical. This may vary by trip, or even by individual departure dates.

Whilst there may be changes on our trips, it is vital that you make travelling safer for yourself, your travel companions, the local staff and guides, and the people of the country you are visiting. You should follow all local laws and restrictions, and follow the guidance of the local team. In addition, you can help make travel safer by bringing and using your own face coverings/masks and hand sanitiser, social distance where appropriate, wash your hands frequently, and cover your face when coughing or sneezing.


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