Teaching Projects

Teaching jobs abroad are amazing experiences, and at Real Gap Experience we offer paid and voluntary placements all over the world.

The people you meet, the friends you make along the way, the place itself, not to mention the children or adults you’re teaching – these are things that you’ll never forget. 

Giving back to the world
Speaking English is a valuable skill, especially in the developing world – and teaching jobs abroad, where English is the subject, are incredibly rewarding.

Now, where did you want to go? Teaching in Asia, teaching in Africa, teaching in South America, teaching in Eastern Europe... 

Check out our teaching abroad job and placement opportunities below. If you’ve questions we haven’t covered, do just give us a call and ask one of our travel advisers.

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Teach English Abroad - Volunteering

Teach English Abroad - Volunteering

A basic level of English knowledge can make a huge difference to the future prospects of children and they'll definitely be keen to learn from you!

Teaching English Abroad - Paid

Teaching English Abroad - Paid

On a paid teaching programme you’ll get to spend an extended period of time abroad, maybe learn some of the language. And get paid for it!

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