Gap year Uganda

Uganda, the “pearl of Africa” according to Winston Churchill, is like Africa concentrated into one gap year. It’s where the rolling savannah of East Africa meets the steamy jungle of West Africa. It has the source of the Nile. It has the highest mountains on the continent. It’s one of the few safe homes in the wild left for the mighty mountain gorilla (and you can get in as close as possible in Bwindi National Park). And if the name makes you hesitate, the horrors of the notorious Idi Amin are now banished into history.

Adventure travel Uganda

If it’s big wildlife you’re after, Uganda is calling. Lion, chimps, cheetah, leopard, zebra and elephant are all to be found here, and the birdwatching is unrivalled. For adventure travel, Bwindi National Park, known as the Impenetrable Forest, hosts 330 or half of the world’s mountain gorillas in their natural environment. There’s also hard trekking to the mystical, snow-covered peaks of the Mountains of the Moon in Rwenzori and white-water rafting at Jinja, source of the Nile.

Student travel Uganda

It’s picture-postcard beautiful. Its people have a tradition of hospitality and an easy-going nature that will make you delighted you chose Uganda for your student travel. There’s a busy, youthful nightlife scene in cosmopolitan Kampala, the capital, and plenty of opportunities for R&R in spots such as Lake Bunyonyi.

Volunteer work Uganda

If you’re considering volunteer work in Uganda, there’s lots to be done supporting teaching for disadvantaged children and orphans. You can help in schools with little resources, teaching basic subjects and organising activities

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