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Gap year Colombia

At the northern-most tip of South America, Colombia sits happily surrounded in a wealth of jaw-droppingly gorgeous scenery. From the spectacular Andes to the pristine coastline, picturesque towns liberally decorated with colonial architecture, and rainforest backdrops that could make a Disney film seem drab in comparison, this country isn’t yet best known for its landscape, but it should be. Colombian residents work hard to ensure visitors to their slice of paradise take away the best experiences and most brilliant memories on their departure, and that’s exactly why you should go.

Adventure travel Colombia

It may not have the huge tourist attractions that neighbouring countries can boast about, but it’s because of this that Colombia feels altogether more attractive as a travel destination – particularly if you’re keen to escape the crowds and discover some proper hidden gems all by yourself, rather than being pointed in the right direction via signs and bright lights that can be seen several miles away from every direction. Explore the impossibly bright turquoise coastline around Isla de Baru, trek through Tayrona National Park, and peruse the boutique shopfronts and market stalls of Cartagena’s 16 th century old town. There are plenty of beautiful cathedrals, museums, and ruins to get your cultural fix from, and a plethora of activities to fuel an adrenalin junkie’s schedule.

Student travel Colombia

Not only is Colombia relatively free from large tourist crowds, but it also doesn’t require a large budget to travel around in pretty comfortable conditions. Public transport services can be unreliable and slow at best, but taxis and tuk tuks are a cheap and convenient way to get about – unless you want the experience of being squeezed onto the roof of a fifty-year- old bus with a family of livestock to keep you company (yes, but only once!). Accommodation and activities vary from place to place, but are usually fun and good value for money.

Colombia Tours

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