Frequently Asked Questions

To save you guys some time before you go away, we thought we'd put together a FAQs page which is packed to brim with the essentials...

I am worried about travelling alone – will I meet other people?

Absolutely! On the vast majority of our trips you'll travel as a group, and 28 days before departure you'll receive a buddy list - which will have all of the contact details of your fellow travellers who are on your trip. Before you know it you'll be chatting away with your group - either on Facebook or email, so try not to worry about that!

What should I pack?

It's completely up to you in regards to what you take, but remember - you're going to be the one carrying your gear around, so make sure your load isn't too heavy for you! You'll be able to buy most things in-country too, so if you forget something... it's all good! We'd suggest leaving luxury items at home too; they're not worth worrying about and you'll be having too much fun to use/wear them anyway!

What is the best way to take money with me?

Check with your bank what overseas charges your cards will incur and be sure to let them know you’re travelling! Once you’ve spoken you should take at least a couple of the following - ATM card/Caxton card, credit card and some emergency money!

Are flights included?

Unless stated, flight aren't included, sorry! We do have a flight expert in house, so give her a call and she'll sort you out a decent quote!

Is the visa fee included in the price of the programme?

Unless stated the visa isnt' included in the price. Make sure you check out the itinerary for more information on documents needed to travel!

Will I need any vaccinations or malaria tablets?

Unfortunately we cannot give you advice on this as we’re not medically qualified; however your doctor or nurse will be able to update you on any medication you may need whilst you're away.

When can I book my flights?

You’re free to book your flights when your programme has been confirmed and your Online Account has been set up (exceptions apply). Make sure you contact our fantastic flights team for a quote on 01892 277037.